Morning Joe to Carly Fiorina: Who Are You to Criticize Hillary Clinton?

Potential 2016 GOP candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has been unrelenting in her attacks on Hillary Clinton, leading a Morning Joe duo of Mika Brzezinski and Steve Rattner to ask her Monday morning whether he own record would withstand such scrutiny.

“You have an amazing round of accomplishments in your life,” Brzezinski said, “but someone could say it like this you ran for Senate and lost. You worked for John McCain, you were moved off that campaign, and he lost. You had a tenure at Hewlett-Packard that a lot of people describe as extremely rocky, destroying jobs, and destroying the company’s reputation. Are you really the right person to be criticizing Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments or lack thereof?”

Fiorina accused Brzezinski of “reading Democratic talking points,” though Brzezinski responded that she was actually reading Fortune and New York Times. Rattner went so far as to remind Fiorina that she’d been fired from Hewlett-Packard after the company’s stock tanked following a merger.

Like a pro, Fiorina turned their criticisms into a soliloquy on le government grand, though she did concede that Clinton had “opened doors for women.”

“If we are going to have a real conversation about tapping the potential of men and women, then we also have to be able to talk beyond gender,and talk about track record and accomplishments and policies,” Fiorina concluded.

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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