Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle Shares Horrifying Story About A Wasp (Not ‘Like Mitt Romney’)

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, panelist Mike Barnicle shared a horrifying story involving a wasp (not “WASPs like Mitt Romney,” he clarified) flying directly into his ear at a gas station.

He inadvertently PUSHED THE WASP FURTHER INTO HIS EAR, where the wasp proceeded to wear Lilly Pulitzer capri pants and drink white wine in the middle of the day. Host Mika Brzezinski was nothing short of horrified, as evidenced by her shrieks of terror.

The segment capped off with host (and “idiot,” as Brzezinski noted) Willie Geist hooking up with Kelly Kapowski. It was magical for everyone.

Have a look, courtesy of MSNBC:

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