Morning Joe‘s Scarborough and Brzezinski Annotate Trump’s Entire NATO Presser: ‘That’s the First Lie’

For what I believe is the first time on cable news (shame me in the comments if I am wrong), a pair of hosts were so fed up with having to air a President Donald Trump speech live that they decided to step in and annotate the entire thing.

Trump has just left the NATO Summit in Brussels. Ao thanks to the time difference Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough had to carry his wild, pre-departure presser bright and early on Thursday. And they weren’t happy about it — stepping in throughout to point out when the president was lying.

“Actually what the president just said there about all of the contributions going down is a lie,” Scarborough said, kicking things off. “They continued to go up under Barack Obama near the end of the Obama administration.”

“First lie,” Brzezinski noted.

“He was lying when he said that,” Scarborough added. “Back to the president.”

Watch the start of the presser above and the tail end (with annotations!) below, via MSNBC:

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