‘Motherf*cking Flood’ Woman Tells Her Side of the Story


A reporter decided to follow up with the woman whose sudden, profanity-laden outburst at a flood went viral yesterday. And guess what, internet: “The Motherfucker Lady” has a name, a story, and an actual life that can’t be condensed into a funny viral video stripped of context! We know, right?

WMCA-5 caught up with Priscilla Lester outside her home, who’s partially adjusting to her newfound fame as “The Motherfucker Lady,” but has bigger concerns: it is, indeed, the fifth time her home has flooded.

“Last time, I bleached the whole place, floor to ceiling,” an exhausted Lester told them, adding that the sewers in her house were flooding at that moment. “Just investigate why this keeps happening, and why they can’t make it stop.”

“I’m sorry I cursed on TV,” she apologized, leading to this exchange:

Priscilla sighed. And we talked. Our conversation was pleasant. She was calm and kind, even though she knew she was now known as “The Mother—— Lady” around town and even though her home had been destroyed again. A fifth time.

I couldn’t help but hope she is not defined or “misdefined” by her choice, emotional words that spilled out of her mouth on live TV, words that were coming out much more eloquently with me afterward on her front porch.

“I’m a home-type person. I don’t go nowhere. I don’t go visit my family; my family comes to visit me,” she said. “I don’t feel comfortable nowhere else.”

Watch the original video below, via WMC-TV:

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