‘Move Jim! Let’s Go!’ White House Aides Shout at Acosta, Loud Press Corps, in Chaotic Oval Office Photo Op


Last week the White House banned pool reporter CNN’s Kaitlan Collins from attending an event at the White House after the President took exception to her “disrespectful” questions during an Oval Office photo op. Today, the press seemed determined to shout questions at Trump in another Oval Office photo op, and White House aides even more determined to shut it down. The result was more shouting and chaos than ever, so well done.

In the above clip from NBC News, you can unfortunately hear CNN’s Jim Acosta louder than the other reporters, and an aide talking even louder than that, telling him specifically to shut it.

“Let’s go, make your way out. Let’s go. Move Jim! Let’s go. Keep going Jim. Jim we’re leaving. Come on Jim. Go. We’re done.”

[image via screengrab]

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