Move Over Lindsay Lohan: Regis Philbin Goes Topless For Snooki

Regis Philbin stripped down this morning on Live With Regis and Kelly to the delight of his studio audience. Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi appeared on the program to promote her new book, “Confessions of a Guidette”, and gave Philbin a tie as a gift, telling him that “guidos usually take their shirt off” to wear it. “Just rip your shirt off,” advised Kelly Ripa. “Yes! let this happen!” “You ready for this?” Philbin teased his audience to catcalls. “You’re getting naked?!” Snooki screamed.

“You’re an animal!” exclaimed Philbin, as he disrobed to cheers from the crowd, who chanted “Regis! Regis!”

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The octogenarian talk show host courageously flaunted off his abs as the audience squealed in approval. The Situation might want to take notes.

Watch Regis show some skin for the Jersey Shore star below, via ABC:

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