MSNBC Analyst Alex Wagner Developing Her Own Noontime Show On The Network

Alex Wagner — that MSNBC analyst and former Politics Daily writer who is rather frequently featured on Lawrence O’Donnell‘s The Last Word — is getting her own show! Which is nice, because maybe then people will notice that girls can also be named Alex. Ahem.

As TVNewswer reports, Wagner will soon begin hosting a noontime show on the network. A memo sent by VP and executive editor Yvette Miley informed staff that Wagner’s new show will be replacing MSNBC Live:

Alex Wagner, MSNBC contributor and frequent network guest and Dana Haller are developing a new show to air weekdays at noon. The show will be hosted by Alex and feature regular contributors who will explore what’s driving the day’s political stories. Alex has been a standout since she first appeared as a guest back in 2008 and I know she’ll be a dynamic host.

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As you can tell from the picture on this post, Wagner has contributed to shows other than O’Donnell’s as well, including Olbermann’s on MSNBC.

Are you looking forward to Wagner’s show? Isn’t Alex a lovely name?

h/t TVNewser

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