MSNBC Analyst Says ‘Maybe a Deal Could Be Struck’ to Get Trump to Replace Pence to Prevent Pelosi Becoming President


MSNBC’s AM Joy delved into the intricacies of presidential replacement on Saturday, in a panel discussion where it was suggested that President Donald Trump should dump Vice President Mike Pence if he wants to prevent a Nancy Pelosi presidency, post-impeachment.

The long segment hosted by Joy Reid covered the issue of whether other people in Trump’s orbit, including Pence, can or should also be facing proceedings, whether in congress or a courtroom. At one point, Reid asked former congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman whether Congress should prepare to impeach Trump, Pence, and Attorney General William Barr as well.

Holtzman said that impeaching Pence could be problematic, and bring a halt to the idea of impeaching Trump, because the consequence would be the potential presidency of Speaker Pelosi, and no Republican would go along with that. “You have to really think about that carefully,” she said.

“Contrary to what Donald Trump says, this is not a coup. Impeachment is not a coup, you replace the president with someone of the same party,” said Holtzman, who was one of the House Judiciary Committee members who brought the articles of impeachment against President Richard Nixon, proceedings to which many of the panelists repeatedly referred. “If you don’t have someone of the same party there, then that becomes problematic.”

When NBC legal analyst Jill Wine-Banks was up, Reid posed the question to her, and that was when Wine-Banks posited that a “deal” could be struck with Trump over the apparent Pence-Pelosi problem.

“You could impeach Pence first, but I think that maybe a deal could be struck where he was told ‘if you don’t make a replacement, then Nancy Pelosi does become president,'” said Wine-Banks in the above clip. “‘And so you are going to be impeached and convicted, you need to make this replacement so the proper party remains in power.'”

In other words, that pressure could be brought on Trump by Congress, or just by the GOP, to replace Pence to avoid the possibility of both men being removed by impeachment, leaving next-in-line Pelosi with the Oval Office.

Wine-Banks, who was a Watergate prosecutor, said she thinks that, as happened with Nixon, people within Trump’s structure are going to start trying to cut deals and turn on him and that “it’s going to happen fast.” See longer clip below.

There were a lot of ifs in this set of interdependent hypothetical scenarios, but in a convoluted way the panel eventually seemed to be in agreement about them.

Videos courtesy of MSNBC. Images via screenshot.

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