MSNBC Anchor Grills FRC’s Tony Perkins Over Saying GOP Base Is ‘Getting’ Excited For Romney

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins stopped by MSNBC Saturday, where he spoke about the Value Voters Summit unfolding this weekend. Perkins was asked whether Mitt Romney is the candidate the Republican base is excited about, and he responded by noting that they are “getting” excited.

Host Craig Melvin noticed this and followed up by asking Perkins at what point, exactly, will the base actually and genuinely grow excited for Romney.

Perkins described the base as primarily motivated to have Barack Obama out of office for a number of reasons, and said that this is now “turning into” support for his rival candidate, noting that the Republican primaries had been particularly contentious.

Melvin asked if the base was more motivated to get Obama out of office at all costs or more motivated by and excited for Romney as a candidate. Perkins responded quite candidly that both factors are at play, adding that he himself had initially been very critical of Romney, but now supports him as the GOP candidate.

Have a look at the segment, via MSNBC:

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