MSNBC Breaks in on Hearing So Nicolle Wallace Can Blast Barr: ‘Not Going to Dance Around This. He’s Lying’

MSNBC broke into their live feed of AG William Barr‘s testimony before Congress several times on Wednesday with additional commentary or to provide previous reporting. In one instance, host Nicole Wallace stepped in to say that Barr is a liar.

“So I’m not going to dance around this. He’s lying,” she said. “He’s lying about what the Mueller report finds around one of the critical flash-points in the obstruction investigation.”

“One of the incidents that was investigated by Robert Mueller and his obstruction investigators was the attempted firing of the Special Counsel. It was one of the incidents that was under investigation into, really, days before Mueller wrapped up,” she said. “He’s quibbling with whether removing Mueller and firing him is the same thing. Here’s how Donald Trump talked about removing slash firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.”

She read aloud from a description of Chris Christie‘s prior testimony.

“‘Chris Christie recalled a telephone conversation with the president in which the president asked what Christie thought about the president firing,'” she said reading the transcript. She then emphasized that it said, “Firing, not removing.”

She then read from a description of Don McGahn’s recollections, which said he recalled specific conversations where Trump discussed “removing” Mueller.

“I think we’ve got an Attorney General lying about what is in the Mueller report around what was the most investigated flashpoints in the obstruction investigation.”

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