MSNBC Chyron Fail: Felix Baumgartner Traveled ‘Faster Than The Speed Of Light’

MSNBC might want to put some of its graphics producers through basic physics classes again.

During a brief report on Sunday’s epic Felix Baumgartner sky-dive from the stratosphere, during which the native Austrian broke the sound barrier, the cable network mistakenly labeled his feat as having traveled “faster than the speed of light.”

Despite the mistaken chyron, host Andrea Mitchell correctly reported that “Fearless Felix” was the first human to travel faster than the speed of sound without being inside a craft of some sort.

The scientifically-incorrect (but totally something I dreamed of in kindergarten) chyron remained on the screen for all 45 seconds of the report. No one seemed to notice. See below, with a helpful red arrow:

If only MSNBC were correct and Baumgartner did travel faster than the speed of light… then instead of wearing that clunky Red Bull-sponsored spacesuit, he’d likely have looked something like this:

Ride the lightning, baby!

Watch the mistaken chyron below, via MSNBC:

[h/t The Skeptical Libertarian]
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