MSNBC Contributor on Antifa Announcement: Could Be ‘One Small Step Away’ from Trump Designating Political Opponents as ‘Enemies of the State’

President Donald Trump said today that the U.S. will designate antifa as a terrorist organization, in response to the riots happening in cities across the country.

The announcement has already gotten a fair amount of scrutiny, and on MSNBC this afternoon, former FBI official and current MSNBC national security contributor Frank Figliuzzi said there are “a couple of problems with this.”

“Antifa is not an organized, centralized organization. There’s no antifa headquarters. There is no president or hierarchy, as you would see in ISIS or al Qaeda or any other foreign-based terrorist organization,” he told Stephanie Ruhle. “Number two, they are so loosely based and so diverse in their beliefs from global anarchy to simple anti-Trump to supporting Black Lives Matter that you cannot isolate a single body of political or ideological beliefs here.”

He went on to share what concerns him about the president’s announcement:

“If we’re not careful, this is one small step away from the President of the United States designating his political opponents as enemies of the state, as terrorists. Think about the repercussions of this. People may say what would such a designation look like. First, there is no domestic terrorism law on the books in the United States, so let’s deal with that first. Number two, there is no approved procedure by which you could designate a domestic terrorism group, just like there is for foreign terrorist organizations.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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