MSNBC Dismisses Romney, Calls This ‘Best Debate Of Obama’s Career As A National Politician’

MSNBC’s hosts delivered the victory in the second presidential debate to President Barack Obama. The hosts, including Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews gave Obama points in nearly every category and said that, despite Mitt Romney’s admirable performance, he was up against a “very different” Obama from the first debate. Finally, Matthews praised CNN moderator Candy Crowley for correcting Romney when he accused the president of not characterizing the attack in Libya an act of terror for 14 days.

“Tonight, Mitt Romney was up against a very different man,” said Maddow

Maddow called it “the best debate” of President Barack Obama’s professional career as a politician. She said that, despite a “sturdy” performance by Romney, Obama may have pulled off a “U-turn” from the past debate.

She pivoted to Chris Matthews who called Romney “snippy.” He proceeded to hand Obama victories in nearly every category that was debated on Tuesday, including Romney’s preemptive introduction of the 47 percent tape into the debate near the end.

“He stuck his neck out and Obama punched him hard,” Matthews said.

He concluded by praising Crowley for correcting Mitt Romney when he asserted that Obama had not called the attack in Libya an act of terror for 14 days.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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