MSNBC Fight Club: Sen. Gregg Argues About “Irresponsible Statement”


Andrew Breitbart vs. David Shuster wasn’t the only clash on MSNBC dayside yesterday.

CNBC’s Melissa Francis and MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer had Sen. Judd Gregg on to talk about Pres. Obama’s State of the Union and the budget, and it got heated fairly quickly.

Gregg, who almost was a member of the Obama administration, had some blunt words about the speech. “You don’t get a vibrant economy when the government and the size of the government and the debt of the government is overwhelming the capacity of the economy to function well,” he said.

Francis followed up with “That’s good in theory, Senator. How would you practically…,” and that set Gregg off. “You don’t tell me it’s good in theory. What are you…how do you get off saying something like that?”

Brewer continued. “If you don’t believe that we should have a $1.3 trillion budget, which programs are you willing to cut? Are you willing to tell schools, no money for you?” she asked.


Well, first off nobody’s saying no money for schools. What an absurd statement to make. And what a dishonest statement to make. On it’s face you’re being fundamentally dishonest when you make that type of statement.

The rest of the segment was spent with Gregg chastising Brewer for “the most irresponsible statement I’ve heard from a reporter, probably in a month,” while Brewer and Francis denied that it happened the way Gregg was portraying it.

With all this on-air fighting, maybe it will raise MSNBC’s dayside ratings!

Here’s the interview (via via via):

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