comScore Jimmy Williams: American Success Based on Racism

MSNBC Guest Claims America’s Future Success Will be Based on “Backbone of Racism’

During an appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy, podcast host Jimmy Williams suggested the South isn’t the only part of America steeped in “racism” — that, in fact, America itself was founded on racist ideals and continues to thrive because of it.

“Let me be clear. Racism is not just in the South. It is in every state in this country. This country was founded on the backbone of racism and will continue to, sadly, for a long time to come,” said Williams to host Joy Reid — to which she responded, “Absolutely.”

While discussing this country’s racist past is hardly controversial, but suggesting that racism continues to be the “backbone” which will support the nation’s success, is another matter.

The political opinion writer brought up this statement while discussing the election prospects of Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones, who is currently running against alleged child molester and Republican evangelical Roy Moore. Williams went on to say the following:

“This is going to be about turnout. this is going to be in 2017 in a special election in a southern state with a little known candidate with the word Democrat behind his name and a very well-known candidate who is not only in the media in Alabama and Birmingham and Mobile, but all over the country. And that’s going to galvanize his people — they’re going to come out for him. Now, the question is — and this takes me back to Tuesday of last week — what will Democrats, independent minded people and Republicans who are fed up with this do about it? Will they turn out?”

In the fairly candid discussion – again, for a cable news segment — another guest outright called Moore “a pedophile” without using the common legal qualifiers “alleged” or “accused.” However, given the at least nine women who have come forward against the GOP candidate to accuse him of sexual misconduct or predatory behavior, it’s understandable — though uncommon — that the guest would feel free to call Moore a “pedophile” without using any legal qualifiers.

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