MSNBC Guest: ‘Anybody That Thinks The Tea Party Exists Is Smoking Crack Cocaine’

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan moderated a discussion of the debt crisis with his regular panelists. Yet one guest, Democratic commentator Jimmy Williams exploded with anger over the idea that anyone treats the Tea Party as a real movement, since according to him, it’s merely the same far right-wing that the Republican party always had.

Williams yelled:

“The Tea Party doesn’t exist. . . . Anybody that thinks the Tea Party exists is smoking crack cocaine in America. It’s nothing more than the far right wing of the Republican party and they’re wagging the dog’s tail right now.”

Regardless, Ratigan was still impressed that the “Republicans, politically in terms of manipulating and accumulating power, are whooping ass” with their “scorched earth agenda.” And others on the panel credited the Tea Party with not only forcing the current debt debate, but also likely being able to secure major spending cuts. Yet anytime the word “Tea Party” was mentioned, Williams clearly was not pleased, and ultimately he concluded with this fiery demand: “I want the Republicans to own their damn people!”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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