MSNBC Guest Breaks Down In Tears Over AHCA: ‘This Isn’t the America I Love’


Today, not only did the House finally — and narrowly — pass the American Health Care Act following it being pulled six weeks ago, but President Donald Trump also signed a religious liberty executive order that promised greater freedoms to religious groups over political speech. (Though the ACLU immediately pointed out the order was pretty toothless.)

At the end of a segment this evening on MSNBC, Boing Boing writer and breast cancer survivor Xeni Jardin got incredibly emotional while speaking about the actions taken today in Washington.

“It’s not a political outcome, it’s a human outcome,” Jardin told host Chris Hayes, who asked her what she was hoping to achieve by fighting against these policies.

She then began sobbing, “This isn’t the America that I love. The America that I love cares about my right to life, even though I’m 46 years past being a fetus. The America that I love loves diversity.”

Jardin would also bring up late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who broke down on air earlier this week while talking about his infant son’s heart issues, saying he knows that all babies are worthy of life.

“This isn’t robbing Peter to pay Paul,” she exclaimed. “This is killing Peter to pay Paul. This isn’t America.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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