MSNBC Guest Cites Glee to Argue Orlando Killer Wasn’t Really Islamic Terrorist

Mia BloomAn MSNBC guest argued Wednesday that the Orlando killer wasn’t truly an Islamic radical, citing the television show Glee in her explanation of why.

“From what we know today, do you think Omar Mateen was truly radicalized or do you think that was maybe a cover for other issues that he had?” asked host Kate Snow.

The guest Mia Bloom was partial to the second explanation. “The theory of concealment in psychology explains why. A lot of the bullying you’ll hear– and you see this in every TV movie or film or even on Glee, where the guy who’s beating up the gay kids turns out to be gay, where a lot of this is passing behavior.”

“How does that fit with calling 911 and claiming an allegiance to ISIS?” Snow asked.

But Bloom argued that was a “veil of authenticity… If he genuinely wanted to make a pledge to ISIS, you do so ahead of time. For example the French killer that killed the family yesterday made a video, uploaded the video.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

[Image via screengrab]
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