MSNBC Guest Defends Roy Moore, Claims Many Women are ‘Victims’ of #MeToo Movement


During a panel on MSNBC on Sunday, conservative pundit Jen Kerns defended Roy Moore against charges of pedophilia and claimed many women have been victims of the #MeToo movement.

It did not go over well.

It all started after Roll Call columnist Michelle Bernard brought up Moore in the context of a discussion the woman’s vote.

“Were it not for the vote of black women and women of color, Roy Moore would have been elected in Alabama,” Bernard said. “Despite very credible charges that indicated that he had engaged in pedophilia.”

She continued on: “White women have always gained power through the proximity that they have to white males, to their husbands, and the vote the same way that their husbands do because it always, and somehow favors them.”

Kerns was not amused.

“That’s offensive!” Kerns chimed in.

Kerns then tried to downplay the allegations against Moore, citing the handwriting expert that claimed the allegations against Moore were not credible.

Bernard then asked her if she would say the same thing if the allegations involved her own daughter.

“If it’s your daughter that comes into play one day, are you going to change your tune?” Bernard asked.

“You know what,” Kerns replied. “I don’t have to speak to my daughter. Myself and many women in this industry have been subject and victims of the #MeToo movement. So, I don’t have to speak to my daughter. I can speak to my own personal opinion.”

Kerns then cast doubt on Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford‘s claims.

“I could tell you the exact day, the exact time and who took me there and who got me home,” Kerns continued on. “That’s more than we got from Dr.  Ford.”

Watch above, via MSNBC

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