MSNBC Guest: My Dog Is Better At Handling The Economy Than Obama

Former Colorado congressman and 2008 presidential contender Tom Tancredo spoke to Hardball’s Chris Matthews about Mitt Romney‘s economic policy alternatives to President Obama. “I haven’t heard the Romney plan for the next four years to get us out of the economic challenge,” Matthews observed. “Do you think he’s running negative or positive campaign?” “Here’s what I think that Romney has been doing,” Tancredo opined. “That is setting the stage for a debate between him and Obama who can best handle the economy. Who has the best record for creating jobs and for, you know, essentially, increasing prosperity. I think Romney feels, and I think rightly so, he can make a case for that. Hell, my dog’s better at it than Obama!”

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“There’s no issue in terms of who is better in terms of the economy, but the question that I think Santorum is asking is an important one. Will the economy be the issue in the election?” Tancredo continued. “I mean, it is possible that we are going to see a decrease in unemployment. It’s possible we’ll see a little bit of growth in the economy. As that happens, it takes that issue away from the Republican challenger. then you better start talking about the other things that really matter. Which view of America is right? Is it Obama and Zuccotti Park protesters? Or is it Santorum and, in fact, if you want to say it, the tea party people? Which view is better? Is it the Obama view of the entitlement mentality he wants to increase or is it individual responsibility? That’s the issues.”

Update: Kyle Leighton from Talking Points Memo tracked down a photo of Tancredo’s mini golden doodle, Sasha:

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

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