Al Hunt On MSNBC: Obama Not ‘Secure’ Enough to Seek Help Beyond Inner Circle

Bloomberg columnist Al Hunt appeared on Morning Joe Thursday morning to diagnose the Obama administration’s inability to successfully construct the Affordable Health Care federal exchange website, which he said was due to a crippling “insularity.”

“‘Insularity’ is the byword of this administration, and it has become more so,” Hunt said. “Jeff Zeintz could have run [the website]. Steven Rattner, who did a fabulous job with the automobiles, could have run it. But they don’t turn to outside people, because they are so insular.”

“I thought when Barack Obama was elected in ’08, this was a really secure man,” Hunt continued. “The mark of secure people—Ronald Reagan was a secure man—they turn to outside people.”

Hunt and host Joe Scarborough agreed that Reagan’s hiring of James Baker as Chief of Staff after a contested primary was a shining example of such expansiveness.

“He is the gold standard for chief of staffs today,” Hunt said. “That’s what I thought this administration would do more of; in the beginning, it looked like there was some. Steven Rattner was an example. Dick Holbrook was another. It didn’t work out very well. They have circled the wagons, and they are more insular than ever. Not just this issue, they were on Syria, even with the people in their own administration. It is a problem that just absolutely infuriates Democrats.”

Watch the full clip below, via MSNBC:

[Image via screengrab]

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