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MSNBC Guest: ‘Private Economy Is Almost Too Good’ To Get GOP To End Focus On Obamacare

During Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s The Cycle, Newsweek/Daily Beast business reporter Dan Gross took on efforts by Congressional Republicans to halt the implementation of the Affordable Care Act by seeking to defund the program. He said that the “private economy is almost too good” to get the GOP to drop their focus on the ACA and move on to what he considers more important matters.

Asked about the GOP’s possible plan to shut down the government as a means of attempting to halt the implementation of the ACA, Gross called it the “last gasp” of the Republican Party’s opposition to the health care reform law.

“They think Obamacare is the worst thing that could ever happen,” Gross said putting himself in the shoes of Republicans in Congress. “God forbid, a lot of people are going to have insurance.”

“Once it gets into effect next year, when they can’t refuse people for pre-existing conditions, when these exchanged start to work, there’s no going back,” he continued. “They see this as their last chance.”

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“Gridlock in the Beltway has everyone grumpy, including the whole of America,” guest host Angela Rye said. She asked how the Democrats in Congress could avert the further implementation of the automatic budget cuts known as “Sequester.”

“Well, one of the problems is that the economy is kind of doing too well,” Gross said. “It’s creating 200,000 jobs a month. The private sector is racking up big profits. Consumer confidence is at a six-year high. Exports are up. Every piece of data we’re getting is pretty decent, except for the data on wages.”

“So, I think, one of the challenges now ironically is that the private economy is almost too good to get these people off the ball,” he concluded.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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