comScore Chandelle Summer Rips Pete Buttigieg For Being Gay

MSNBC Guest Rips Pete Buttigieg for ‘Making His Gayness an Issue’ by Kissing His Husband Onstage

Conservative radio host Chandelle Summer raised some eyebrows during a Sunday hit on MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson as she curiously blamed Mayor Pete Buttigieg for “making his gayness an issue” in his ambitious bid for the presidency.

When host Kendis Gibson expressed shock at his guest’s outlandish claim, Summer then cited Buttigieg’s kissing of his husband on-stage during his announcement speech as evidence of the South Bend mayor ostensibly shoving his sexuality in the face of all viewers. Or so she claimed.

Buttigieg’s sexuality has become something of a topic in conservative circles ever since Franklin Graham shared his unsolicited opinions about Buttigieg being gay and citing the Bible claiming that homosexuality is a sin.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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