MSNBC Guest to NBA: If You Condemned Sterling, Stop Using N-Word in Locker Room

Players and owners have reacted in unanimity behind the NBA’s decision to ban Donald Sterling for life, but if his racism is unacceptable, then New York Times sports columnist William Rhoden has just one question: why, then, shouldn’t NBA players reject racism by not dropping the n-word so much in the locker room. Chris Matthews brought up the protest by Clippers players in which they threw their shooting shirts on the ground and played with their warm-up gear inside out to hide the Clippers logo, and asked what else could be done here.

Rhoden said for starters, players can “stop using the n-word in the locker room.” He argued there is a double standard where people can say Sterling disrespected the black community, but then “you disrespect each other every day” by using the n-word around fellow players.

Rhoden even went so far as to say, “If you continue to disrespect yourself and call each other the n-word, then, you know, you are just as bad as Donald Sterling. So stop it.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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