MSNBC Guest to Steele: If Bergdahl ‘Were a Hero,’ You’d Make the Swap

During a discussion over the legality of the Obama administration sidestepping a law mandating congressional notification of a prisoner swap, Bloomberg columnist Al Hunt told former RNC Chair Michael Steele on Morning Joe Tuesday morning that if Bergdahl “were a great hero,” rather than a possible deserter, the right would be far less concerned with the particulars of the law.

“That’s a bogus issue, though,” Hunt said after Steele had argued that the Obama administration had circumvented the law. “If the guy were a hero, if this guy were one of the great heroes, you would say we’re going to make that deal.”

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“You’re missing the point,” Steele said. “Now you have to go back and ask the question, why did Congress put this in place in the first place? And if that’s the case — I’m taking Bergdahl’s position out of the equation, whether he’s a traitor or a hero — that’s not the focal point. The focal point for what will be coming down the pike for Congress will be the actions that led to possibly breaking U.S. law and maybe that’s what needs to be changed.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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