MSNBC Guest: Unlikely Obama Approved AP Probe Since It Upset One Of His ‘Most Important Constituencies — The Press’

On Wednesday, Morning Joe continued the discussion of the Associated Press story involving the Justice Department’s seizing the news organization’s phone records. As the roundtable sought to sort through who in the administration knew what about the case, and when, Lisa Myers contended it that was unlikely such a “calculating” White House would have been involved in it — especially since it upset one of President Obama‘s most important constituencies: the press.

Noting that the AP did hold the story at the administration’s request, Mike Barnicle questioned whether the president knew about it and when he found out. Obama probably didn’t know, Myers replied.

“Look at this from a political standpoint,” she explained. “You have Benghazi, which the right was up in arms about. Then comes the IRS, which offended the right, the middle, and even some Democrats and members of the press. But when they did this, they turned one of the president’s most important constituencies — the press and the left — against him.”

For a “very calculating White House,” Myers added, it’s difficult to imagine they would have green-lighted the initiative. Rather, the White House was likely informed after the action had already taken place.

The White House, “for its own sake,” Joe Scarborough argued, needs to let us know if he knew about the records being seized and when he found out about it.

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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