MSNBC Guest Who Said Supporting Bernie Over Warren is ‘Showing Your Sexism’ Goes Horribly Viral


Democratic strategist Emily Tisch Sussman has gone viral in the worst way because of an MSNBC appearance in which she endorsed the idea that anyone who still supports Bernie Sanders over Elizabeth Warren is “showing your sexism.”

The comment came during an appearance on Monday’s edition of MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin, during which Sussman and a Republican strategist discussed Warren’s steady rise to the top of several recent polls.

“Bernie Sanders, has he peaked?” host Craig Melvin asked.

“It does feel that way,” Sussman replied, and added that “It feels like Warren is pulling together a coalition of people, particularly women and also people of color, who liked Hillary Clinton,” but said Warren is “also pulling a lot from Sanders, and Sanders is still in the race.”

“What we’re seeing of his support is that there’s a ceiling. There is nowhere to go but, there is no up to go,” Sussmann said, of Sanders, then added “I actually overheard someone saying, that I thought was an interesting point, that basically at this point if you are still supporting Sanders as opposed to Warren, it’s kind of showing your sexism. Because she has more detailed plans, and her plans have evolved. I thought it was an interesting point, and I think there may be something to it.”

Since then, the clip has broken big, especially with Sanders supporters, and with senior staffers like National Co-Chair Nina Turner.

The flap recalls a July episode in which MSNBC legal expert Mimi Rocah said that Sanders made her “skin crawl,” and became the subject of a lengthy Sanders campaign video.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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