MSNBC Host Laughs at Biden’s #BestFriendsDay Tweet to Barack Obama: ‘Little Bit Too Thirsty’


MSNBC’s Kendis Gibson and a panelist poked fun at 2020 presidential frontrunner Joe Biden’s #BestFriendsDay tweet addressed to former President Barack Obama, with Gibson calling the tweet “thirsty.”

“His campaign popped up this tweet for Best Friends Day, yesterday.” Gibson said. “While some people thought it was interesting, other people thought it sounded a little bit too thirsty.”

Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky said that the tweet showed that Biden is “running for Barack Obama’s third term.”

“A lot of Democrats wish Barack Obama could have had a third term,” she continued. “This is the bed that [Biden’s] made, and he lying in it.”

Gibson also noted that former Obama adviser David Axelrod responded to the tweet with an apparently incredulous “this is a joke, right?”

Axelrod’s comment prompted laughter from Roginsky and Gibson. Roginsky then said she thinks the tweet is just a joke, saying “I think it’s a joke because I think I’ve made those bracelets back at camp when I was about 13.”

The tweeted picture is also nearly identical to a picture tweeted by Biden’s VP account in 2016.

“It’s indicative of the fact that he is the heir to the Obama legacy and can lay that claim this ways nobody else can in the campaign,” Roginsky noted of the tweet.

Despite being tagged in the tweet, Obama has not tweeted a response as of Sunday.

Watch above, via MSNBC

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