MSNBC Host on Panetta’s Obama Criticism: ‘He’s Selling a Book’

MSNBC host Thomas Roberts voiced on Morning Joe Thursday what liberal critics have been saying for days about Leon Panetta’s criticisms of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy: dude’s hawking a book.

In several high profile interviews the former Defense Secretary has dissented from Obama’s policy decisions, including the full withdrawal from Iraq and the decision not to arm the Syrian rebels.

But he may have an ulterior motive for doing so, including boosting book royalties and cozying up to future presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “Let’s not forget,” Roberts said, “Panetta is getting paid and the more that he goes out there to hawk a book –”

“He’s not that kind of guy,” Bloomberg Politics editor Mark Halperin said, no doubt based on sources speaking with anonymity.

“He doesn’t want to sell a book?” Roberts asked. “And doesn’t want to have close ties to Hillary Clinton if she runs?”

“He does,” Halperin replied. “But fact of the matter is, in the book and on his book tour, he’s held back on what he thinks.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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