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MSNBC Hosts Liken Ivanka and Jared Kushner to Saddam Hussein’s Sons

Two MSNBC’s liberal hosts have made the same overwrought comparison about Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, three times in a span of less than two weeks. Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow likened the White House insiders to the homicidal sons of the deposed Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.

Matthews made two references to Uday and Qusay Hussein on his Hardball program as he discussed Trump’s daughter and Mr. Kushner. The conservative NewsBusters blog pointed out the latest, which came on Wednesday during a panel discussion.

John Braebender, a Republican pundit, contended that a “reset” was going on in the Trump White House, given the departures of General Michael Flynn and apparent sidelining of Steve Bannon. The MSNBC host replied, “I don’t see anybody who survives because it looks to me like the only ones surviving are family members. That’s all they got — Uday and Qusay here.”

Back in late March 2016, Matthews half-jokingly outlined, “Uday and Qusay working for Saddam Hussein – you couldn’t go to a restaurant and have eye contact with those guys without getting killed. These people are really powerful. Imagine getting into a fight in the office with Jared or Ivanka. They have enormous power, and they’re always gonna be there.”

More recently on April 3, 2017, Maddow noted that the United States “once had a president who hired his brother as attorney general. But we have come to think of those things as exceptions to the rule.”

The MSNBC host continued, “We never thought of ourselves as a country where, like, Uday and Qusay get to be ministers of whatever they want — right? We don’t think of ourselves as a ruling family kind of place; but now — now, that’s what we are. ”

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