MSNBC Misspells Alvin Greene’s Name While Airing His Speech On Poor Education

Oh, bitter, bitter irony. We all make mistakes. Believe me, as someone who routinely has commenters pointing out typos under my posts, I know that better than anyone. But there’s something so wonderfully hilarious about seeing someone make a mistake at the most perfectly wrong time. Case in point; a few minutes ago, Countdown aired parts of senatorial candidate, media sensation, and bobblehead inspiration Alvin Greene’s first big public speech. Right at the point where Greene was speaking about his state of South Carolina’s poor educational record, a chyron appeared with his name. Which they misspelled. Oops.

The rest of the segment (which was presented by Lawrence O’Donnell who was there covering for a vacationing Keith Olbermann, preparing for his new show, and maybe saying hi to his future executive producer) was spent comparing Greene to his opponent, the incumbent Republican Jim DeMint. The comparison was definitely favorable to Greene with O’Donnell saying that the challenger’s slogan need only be “Better than DeMint.” That was very nice of the folks at Countdown to say but, if they really wanted to help Greene, they probably should have double checked the spelling of name.

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