MSNBC Mistaken History: Segregationist George Wallace Was A Republican? (UPDATED)

Former Alabama Governor George Wallace was many things: segregationist, lawyer, Methodist. But one thing he most certainly was not: a Republican. But during a segment of last night’s All In on MSNBC, a chyron mistakenly identified the well-known racist governor as a member of the GOP, despite his affiliation with the Democratic Party of that era.

While making the case that Wallace was the clear villain during the civil rights movement for his actions in blocking black students from registering at desegregated public schools, host Chris Hayes noted that, at the time, many believed it was not clear who was “hero” or “villain” — much like today’s National Security Agency scandal.

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But when the control room rolled out an old soundbite of Wallace, the following name and title accompanied the video:

Hayes and MSNBC have yet to respond for comment on the mistake. UPDATE: Chris Hayes comments on the mistake:

“It’s a stupid, inexcusable and historically illiterate mistake. We’ll correct it on-air tonight. I should have caught it and apologize to viewers for not catching it.”

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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