MSNBC National Security Analyst Says Trump is ‘Stealing’ From Military Families: He ‘Seems to Really Hate’ Them


MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance lashed out at President Donald Trump on Saturday over the Pentagon diverting funding from military schools to the construction of a border wall.

The Pentagon is putting a hold on 127 military construction projects in order to divert $3.6 billion in funds towards Trump’s wall. One of those projects, according to the New York Times, is the $62.6 million construction of a middle school at the Fort Campbell Army base along the Kentucky-Tennessee border, which “means that 552 students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades will continue to cram themselves in, 30 to a classroom in some cases, at the base’s aging Mahaffey Middle School.”

“I’m going to speak as someone who was literally born on a military base, raised my entire life in military housing, in military schools, and then went on to raise a family who also lived in military housing,” Nance said on MSNBC Saturday. “Donald Trump seems to really hate military families. And I mean that with all seriousness. He thinks that they’re some sort of adjunct and they can be shuffled off to private schools. That quote that you made about these children on military installations, whose fathers and mothers are war fighters, who could at any time in training or combat be killed, maimed or injured — the military school system is their only family. They’re not military dependents. These people are part of the armed forces.”

“That is where the compact between enlistment oath of the armed forces and Donald Trump — stealing their money which was allocated by Congress — that compact is broken. They will follow orders, they will take that money, but people are going to look sideways at Donald Trump for the scrooge that he is,” Nance added.

MSNBC host Joy Reid referred to Trump as “a reverse Robin Hood” for diverting money from middle school children to pay private contractors to build his border wall.

Nance called the use of private contractors to build the wall “illegal and criminal.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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