MSNBC Panel Goes Off on Republicans at Barr Hearing: ‘Playbook of Conspiracy Theory and Fox News Outtakes’


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and her panel blasted Republicans at today’s Bill Barr hearing for asking questions that felt like things President Donald Trump himself would say.

Wallace remarked upon how “Trump-y” the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee were during the hearing.

Washington Post White House bureau chief Philip Rucker said, “These were all allies of the president’s and they were singing from the president’s songbook.”

He said it was like watching two different hearings going on at once:

“Two entirely different hearings that I just think speak to the partisan divide we have here in Washington, and frankly, it also shows the echo chamber that we’re going to see playing out over the next several days where the president and his Republican allies in Congress will be communicating to the conservative base through Fox News, through talk radio, an entirely different set of facts than the ones that are being discussed in the mainstream right now.”

Wallace brought up how Republicans mentioned Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, asking Ron Klain, “What do you make of the complete departure from reality? The Republicans have gone to a land only familiar to diehard viewers of Fox News primetime.”

Klain said they went beyond defending Trump to “trash” law enforcement and “spread conspiracy theories.”

“There could have been a very reasonable debate about what Mueller did or didn’t conclude, why he did or didn’t conclude things, about some of the ambiguities and uncertainties in Mueller report,’ he continued. “All fair game, I think, all good discussions. Instead they Republicans ran a playbook of conspiracy theory and Fox News outtakes basically to try to, you know, distract the conversation and basically say what the president wanted them to say.”

Former US attorney Chuck Rosenberg said criticisms of the FBI are one thing, but for Trump to call leaders “scum” is alarming and “dangerous.”

John Heilemann said the language that concerns him more is Trump continuing to crow about a “coup” against him waged by “a bunch of demons.”

And he’s concerned that Trump may take things to a more “destabilizing” place during the campaign:

“He doesn’t have Hillary Clinton to lock up anymore. So it’s going to be lock Barack Obama up, lock Jim Comey up, lock Bob Mueller up. I swear we will get there. I guarantee you… second special counsel or not, this is going to be a core element of the president’s re-election strategy and we’ll hear it from now until November of 2020.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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