MSNBC Panel Goes Off on Rod Rosenstein’s ‘Surreal’ Resignation Letter: Like He Has ‘Stockholm Syndrome’


Nicolle Wallace and her panel this afternoon teed off on outgoing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for his resignation letter to President Donald Trump.

Wallace read from Rosenstein’s letter––saying he’s leaving May 11–– including when he talked about “the courtesy and humor” he’s seen from POTUS.

“He quotes Donald Trump on the rule of law. Nobody thinks Donald Trump believes in or is an advocate for the rule of law,” Wallace said.

She was perplexed by Rosenstein talking about how funny Trump was. Former federal prosecutor Berit Berger said it’s remarkable Rosenstein would say such glowing things after what Trump’s said about him.

Former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi was a little more to-the-point about what he thinks is going on:

“Stockholm syndrome. Hostage negotiators, they study this phenomenon of people held captive and abused where they start aligning their thoughts and start agreeing with their capitalors. It looks a lot like Rod Rosenstein. I think he’s got Stockholm syndrome, I think he’s been beaten and abused and he’s essentially given up.”

He offered that maybe Rosenstein’s trying to restore public confidence in the DOJ, but the problem is he’s “deluding the public” with his claims.

RealClearPolitics’ A.B. Stoddard said she expected “more of a James Mattis-like letter” thanking everyone in the DOJ who’s been working hard under serious pressure.

“The idea he would want to please Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows and Donald Trump by really praising the president, quoting him, and writing a letter in his final act that really sucks up to President Trump,” she added, “is completely bizarre… incredibly surreal.” senior advisor Karine Jean-Pierre added that Rosenstein “is no hero here.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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