MSNBC Panel Melts Down Over Trump Jr. Debate: ‘Tremendous Disservice to the American People!’


Things got nasty on Tuesday when former CIA operative Evan McMullin and former U.S. army colonel Anthony Shaffer held a sparring match as they discussed the latest developments about Donald Trump Jr. on MSNBC Live.

Stephanie Ruhle had her two guests respond to the news about how Trump Jr. was told that his meeting last year with a Russian lawyer would be part of the Kremlin’s effort to help his father beat Hillary Clinton. McMullin said Trump Jr. should’ve reported the meeting to U.S. authorities, and it was a “huge deal” that the Trump campaign was aware of Kremlin efforts to help them.

Shaffer defended Trump Jr.’s meeting by saying it was worth it to learn if Clinton could be blackmailed by the Russians, and there was no major revelation that came out of it anyway. McMullin pushed back by noting the significance of seeking electoral aid from foreign adversary.

The debate swiftly disintegrated when they started accused each other of spewing “propaganda” and “hearsay.”

‘You’re changing history, Mr. McMullin…you’re making stuff up,” Shaffer shouted.

Ruhle tried to rein things in by asking Shaffer about how the president’s son is the latest Trump affiliate to change his story about his interactions with Russian figures. Unfortunately, the fight started up again after McMullin accused Shaffer of doing a “tremendous disservice to the American people” by saying Trump Jr.’s meeting was a normal campaign move.

“My goodness. We’ve lost our way,” McMullin lamented. “You’ve lost your way,” Shaffer snapped back.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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