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MSNBC Report: President’s Promise To Close Gitmo Seems ‘All But Forgotten’

On Friday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe presented an investigative report by Michael Isikoff on the Gitmo detention center. After listing amenities like a pricey new soccer field, Isikoff noted that the controversial prison remains open despite President Barack Obama‘s promise to shut it down “no later than one year from now” upon taking office.

“But the President’s promise,” said Isikoff, “now seems all but forgotten, blocked by Congress and concerns over releasing detainees in light of ongoing national security threats.”

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And yet, military officials are spending “millions” on the center, including building new headquarters for guards, life enrichment classes (where detainees can learn, among other things, how to build a better resume), and a $750,000 soccer field.

Tax payers will fork over $140 million towards the prison this year alone.

“Why is Gitmo still here?” Isikoff asks commander Rear Admiral David Woods.

“As far as being able to close down the operation, I can do that in a couple of months, with the buildings and the people.” Woods replied. “We have removed these belligerents from the battlefield and our job is to detain them, and we do that very well.”

Many of the detainees are now eligible for release, Isikoff notes, but there are no countries willing to take them in.

Check it out, via MSNBC:

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