MSNBC Reporter Alarmed as Million MAGA Marchers Shout Down Her Live Shot: ‘They’re Following Us and Chasing Us!’


Supporters of President Donald Trump protesting in Washington on Saturday spotted a live MSNBC report taking place, and quickly approached and began shouting “fake news” at reporter Ellison Barber, who became alarmed as they pursued her and her crew.

Barber was reporting from the street, describing the scene and saying that the event was organized by The Proud Boys.

During that report, the crowd could be heard shouting “Fake News”, the volume increasing as they approached the shot. The video is not ideal, and the feed was interrupted with interference several times as the crew moved, but Barber’s narration could be heard continuously.

“The crowd here is chanting ‘fake news, fake news,'” said Barber. “Not fans of ours, as you can tell. Which that’s fine as long as they give us a little space.”

“It’s hostile here, at least for us,” she continued. “They’re following us and chasing us as we walk further back.”

As she finished her report she said “this gives you a sense of the crowd here. They have no intention of accepting the election results. And as you can tell from the jeering right now, not fans of ours, either.”

“Yeah but you know what, I am,” said anchor Alex Witt. “And all I can say about that is: how charming.”

Trump supporters flooded Washington, D.C. on Saturday in protest of the election results as part of an event put together by several different groups but generally referred to as the “Million MAGA March.” President Trump stopped by to greet the supporters on his way out of town on Saturday morning.

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