MSNBC Reports ‘Victory For Gun Control Advocates’ In New Gun Bill: They’ll ‘Get The Fight That They Want’

On the heels of MSNBC host Chris Matthews’ Wednesday broadcast in which he repeatedly urged his viewers to call Congress and ask their legislators to support gun control legislation, The Huffington Post reporter Sam Stein reported Thursday that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will present a bill to his colleagues on gun control tonight. Calling it a “victory for gun control advocates,” Stein said that it was likely that a measure for increased background checks for firearms purchasers will be put before the Senate.

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“I’m told reliably that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will move a bill, starting tonight, in that it will have background checks in the base component of it, which means it won’t be offered as an amendment,” Stein reported. “That’s a victory for gun control advocates.”

“They wanted it to be in the base bill. They thought that, without it, reform would be sort of toothless,” Stein added. “Now, they will get the fight that they want, and we’ll see how the votes play out.”

The bill set to be put before the Senate is limited and contains new protections for schools and prohibits certain forms of trafficking. Stein noted that, for example, bans on high capacity magazines or other forms of gun control will require added amendments.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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