Chris Matthews, MSNBC Panel Rip Sarah Sanders ‘Huckstering’ for President at Campaign Rally


On Election Night, an MSNBC panel ripped White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders for not holding press briefings then showing up for a rally for Donald Trump.

“Didn’t it strike you as odd the other night?” Chris Matthews said. “Sarah Huckabee Sanders who has not held many briefings shows up at a rally, a public employee paid for by the taxpayer, showing up there huckstering for the president.”

Nicolle Wallace then added that she has “never seen White House staffers in public at a political event” and in her experience staffers were not allowed inside the campaign event and had to hold.

Brian Williams then added that even as an intern  he was told “to excise yourself from a conversation if anyone brought up electoral politics.”

Finally, joining in on the conversation, Rachel Maddow  said this, turning the conversation to Trump’s orbit: “We have just had a midterm election that ends tonight where the president has his campaign chairman, his deputy campaign chairman,  his national security advisor, and his personal lawyer all awaiting sentencing on felony charges. The president is the subject of an active investigation of a counterintelligence and criminal nature that has produced 100 felony indictments already.”

Watch above, via MSNBC

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