MSNBC Show That Covers Hillary Every Day Worried About Clinton Fatigue

Regular watchers of Morning Joe (WE SHOULD ALL DRINK TOGETHER) know that the show has been covering Hillary Clinton’s book-tour-cum-candidacy-prelude almost every day, devoting anything from five to fifteen minutes of each hour’s A-block to Clinton’s book, her gaffes, her foreign policy, her money awkwardness, her speeches, her hints about running, her potential challenge from Elizabeth Warren, her ability to relate to the middle class, her future grandchild, her poll numbers, her poll numbers against Joe Biden, her poll numbers against Chris Christie, her poll numbers against the rest of the GOP field, her approval rating, her effect on female candidates, her naturalness, the role of her husband, her coziness to Wall Street, whether she’s a neocon, etc. etc.

So this, from MJ regular Mike Barnicle, is a bit rich:

“Do you sense, within the media, already right now, Clinton exhaustion, just from covering the early stages of not even a campaign yet?”

If only there were some way to avoid that…

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

[Image via screengrab]
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