MSNBC: ‘We Regret That We Briefly Showed’ Personal Info from Suspects’ Home


The landlord of the house previously occupied by the San Bernardino shooting suspects allowed the media into their home today, and in summation, it was kind of a circus.

But no coverage was more condemned on social media than MSNBC’s, because not only did they broadcast their entire tour in real time, but they showed photographs and personal IDs, which ended up giving away information for more people than the suspects.

Just to give you some idea of how bad it was, here’s some of the Twitter reactions:

Well MSNBC ended up releasing a statement on their live tour, obtained by The Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple:

MSNBC and other news organizations were invited into the home by the landlord after law enforcement officials had finished examining the site and returned control to the landlord. Although MSNBC was not the first crew to enter the home, we did have the first live shots from inside. We regret that we briefly showed images of photographs and identification cards that should not have been aired without review.


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