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MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Reacts to Avenatti Arrest and Charges: ‘My Head Is Officially Going to Explode’

The anchors on MSNBC were in shock over the breaking news that Michael Avenatti, the lawyer who catapulted to fame over the lawsuit with his former client Stormy Daniels, had been arrested and charged with extortion.

“I want to just interrupt for a second with some breaking news we’ve got right now. Michael Avenatti has been arrested for extortion. He’s the high profile attorney who represented Daniels in her fight to get out of a nondisclosure agreement with her alleged affair Donald Trump in 2006 and was paid for her silence by then Trump attorney Michael Cohen. Joining me is investigations reporter Tom Winter. Tom, what on Earth is going on?” Ali Velshi asked.

Avenatti is alleged with an extortion plot in which he is said to have threatened Nike with the promise that he would go public with damaging information about the company unless the athletic apparel company agreed to give him and a client millions of dollars.

He is also being charged with bank and wire fraud in Los Angeles for allegedly embezzling money from a client to pay off his own debts.

“My head is officially going to explode,” Velshi said. “I don’t understand what this is about. Let’s just — and I know you had a little chance to go through some of it. I know how you work. You don’t like to shoot from the hip on this stuff. But this seems to have something to do with threatening the company with his ability to garner publicity, which he may be one of the finest people in America in terms of his ability to garner publicity, and that would inflict damage or reputational harm on the company.”

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