MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Tears Into Trump’s Newest Proposed Tariffs: ‘Sloppiest Thing I’ve Seen’


Last night, President Donald Trump announced that he was weighing the possibility of imposing another $100 billion of tariffs against China, an action that could potentially set off a full-scale trade war. In the wake of the president’s statement, new chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow told reporters today that there was no trade war and that everyone should “blame China.”

At the top of their MSNBC program this morning, Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi commented about the chaotic way the president is engaging with tariffs and international trade.

“Moderate and tempered approach — that’s what Larry Kudlow said they’re doing,” Ruhle noted. “Have you ever heard anyone describe the president moderate and tempered?”

“No,” Velshi responded with a laugh.

After discussing how the markets have reacted to Trump’s statement and noting that Kudlow was making the media rounds, Ruhle noted that the White House still won’t send anyone over for her to interview about the economy, letting former CNBC pundit Kudlow know that they’d “love to talk” to him.

Ruhle followed this up by explaining that while the president should be given kudos for addressing the trade deficit and China’s intellectual property theft, it was the way he was going about it that is a problem.

“This is the sloppiest thing I’ve seen,” Velshi exclaimed. “[Trump] says there’s more tariffs. China says there is. Kudlow says there isn’t. And you see the market now is down 1.65 percent.”

Ruhle added, “Larry Kudlow said we want the least pain possible. [Dow Jones] down 400 is painful. Markets reacting to this and the jobs report.”

The two hosts went on to state that the president continues to lie about the size of the trade deficit with China as well as the price of aluminum and steel.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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