MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Links Mail Bomber to Trump’s Rallies


MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell linked Donald Trump’s infamously aggressive and raucous rallies to the alleged mail bomber, who appears to be a strong supporter of the president and frequent rally attendee himself, as she contrasted his “CNN sucks” chants with the bomb that was sent to the network.

“There was also crowds from the Trump supporters in there [chanting] ‘CNN sucks,’ which is what we have heard at Trump rallies as well,” Mitchell said on today’s broadcast, before mentioning that, “We have yet to hear anything from the president that specifically addresses what CNN has gone through having been targeted in this way.”

She also noted that Trump has not named “any of the others who have been targeted, including former Presidents of the United States, and former cabinet members and intelligence members” when mentioning the bomb threats.

Instead, the president has opted to focus on the media reception to his comments on the mail bomber, attacking CNN at 3 a.m. this morning in a tweet, since some at the outlet called his response “not presidential.”

“The president makes clear that he accepts no responsibility for contributing to the current political can discourse, the atmosphere in which a man sent a series of pipe bombs to the president’s political adversaries, and an entire news organization,” noted NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett.

“Clearly he is viewing this or has viewed it up until this point through a political lens, and so we will have to see if anything he says about the fact that the man now taken into custody and was arrested had what appears to be Trump-friendly and Trump supportive decals on the van,” he added. “We’ll see if the president speaks to that at all.”

Mitchell also noted that “no one is suggesting that the president is in any way responsible for what one individual American may or may not have done.”

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