MSNBC’s Ari Melber Calls Out Fox News Hosts for ‘Invasion’ and ‘Replacement’ Rhetoric on Immigration


MSNBC host Ari Melber called out Fox News hosts for accusing Latin American migrants of staging an “invasion” against the U.S., as Melber noted the El Paso mass shooter “echoed” the same language against immigrants in a manifesto published in the lead up to his Saturday attack.

“Battles over how to handle immigration often turn on the words we use. Undocumented versus illegal. Asylum versus anchor baby,” Melber said on Tuesday night. “Some words can be offensive because they are dehumanizing or worse. Donald Trump adopted the inflammatory language of ‘invasion’ and the El Paso shooter echoed that language from Trump.”

The MSNBC anchor then aired a Fox News segment featuring Brian Kilmeade defending Trump’s use of “invasion,” as the Fox & Friends host said the term is “not anti-Hispanic” and compared migration to the “Russians coming through Alaska through Canada” and argued that Trump “would be using the same language” in that scenario.

“As Trump and his defenders publicly double down on invasion in the news cycle, it does mean they’re on notice that the killer meant those words that way,” Melber said in response to Kilmeade, just after noting that “the El Paso shooter explicitly cited a white nationalist dogma.”

Melber also highlighted Fox News’ mainstreaming of the white supremacy “replacement” theory, which alleges that Democrats are attempting to replace white Americans with minority migrants to win elections. After noting that the neo-Nazis who marched in the deadly 2017 Charlottesville rally chanted the phase “Jews will not replace us,” Melber played a series of clips showing Fox News hosts and Trump utilizing the same “replacement” terminology while discussing immigration. The host argued that the word is “increasingly invoked in the specific political context that views immigration as a zero sum threat.”

MSNBC went on to air clips from Tucker CarlsonLaura Ingraham, and Lou Dobbs‘ shows showing the hosts and their guests warning of a “flood of illegals” and the “demographic replacement” of white Americans. Melber finished the Fox News montage by showing another Kilmeade clip in which the Fox & Friends personality called migration from Mexico “a flat out invasion.”

“We need more than simplistic politicized and even hateful rhetoric right now,” Melber concluded.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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