MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Bannon’s ‘Eclipse’: He Is ‘The Moon to Donald Trump’s Sun’


MSNBC’s Ari Melber opened his show tonight connecting the actual eclipse of the day to Steve Bannon‘s sort-of-eclipse.

Right now, Melber explained, Bannon is free and drawing more attention to himself, and, well, here’s how he extended the metaphor:

“People marveled today at the solar eclipse because of its raw beauty and because it reverses everything we know. The sun is always the powerful center of our solar system, the moon merely orbiting it around the Earth, and its light, the moon’s light, drawn solely from the sun’s reflection. So it’s a total reversal to see the moon eclipse the sun, like a pawn eclipsing the king, even for a moment. Steve Bannon is the moon to Donald Trump’s sun. People only know Bannon because of Trump’s reflected light.”

And whenever Bannon eclipsed Trump––like that time he was on the cover of Time Magazine––Trump wasn’t happy his chief strategist was “stealing his sunlight.”

“If Trump ousted Bannon for being too loud,” Melber wondered, “for being a mere satellite who didn’t know his place in the solar system––and after all, it’s called a solar system because everything rotates around the sun––did Trump make this problem worse by freeing up Bannon to be even louder on the outside?”

And with the picture of President Trump looking up today, he concluded, “Eclipses are not only rare, they can be dangerous. Which is why you never look directly into one.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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