MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin Debunks VP Mike Pence Claim on 9/11-Iran: ‘Factually Wrong’ and ‘Totally Manipulative’


MSNBC anchor Ayman Mohyeldin challenged Vice President Mike Pence tying Iran to the 9/11 terror attacks, saying Pence’s claim is “factually wrong” and “a deliberate misleading.”

“It alarms me when you start to hear people in this administration try to use 9/11 as a way to drag this country toward what a lot of people associated with Trump want anyway,” host Joy Reid said on AM Joy Saturday morning.

“It is a low point in American politics when you’re exploiting 9/11 to achieve a policy objective–that is totally manipulative. And let’s be very clear, Mike Pence’s tweet is factually wrong,” the First Look anchor said. “Whether or not he did that unintentionally – I personally cannot imagine the Vice President of the United States sends out a tweet without having five or six people around him debating it.”

“First of all, there were 19 hijackers involved, not 12 terrorists,” he said. “The actual 9/11 Commission report that was put out, made it very clear, that the reason why those hijackers transited through Iran to get to Afghanistan was because Iran had a policy of not stamping the passports of Saudi nationals. That’s why they used that.”

“To come around now and try to say Iran was somehow complicit in 9/11 is the same as saying that the United Arab Emirates government or the Saudi Arabian government are also complicit in 9/11, which this administration has categorically rejected,” Mohyeldin said. “It is a deliberate misleading, misstating of the facts, a possible deliberate lie to lead Americans to believe once again that American military actions in the Middle East are justified.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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