MSNBC’s Charlie Sykes: New Omarosa Tape Shows Trump Offered Cash to ‘Keep Her Mouth Shut’


Omarosa Maingault Newman was on MSNBC this afternoon and brought a new audio recording with her. In this case, a tape of Lara Trump offering her a job. It was not the bombshell “n-word tape” over which so much media anticipation has been indulged. But, as the Weekly Standard‘s Charlie Sykes points out, it could be revealing in a different way.

Host Craig Melvin turned to his guests after his interview with Omarosa and the airing of the tape.

“You heard the conversation there between Manigault Newman and Lara Trump,” he said to Sykes. “What’s your take on this job offer?”

“I think we ought to regard many of her allegations with a great deal of skepticism. She’s made some very explosive allegations that she has not provided evidence for,” Sykes began. “But this probably is exactly the way it sounds. And it seems completely consistent. That they were trying to buy her off with basically a, you know, do nothing job, $15,000 a month to keep her mouth shut. And again that seems consistent with the way they’ve handled, you know, others — other of the misfit toys that have departed the White House.”

“So inn this particular case, I think she has backed up the fact that they were willing to pay, use donor money to pay her for her silence,” he added.

Sykes cautioned again against believing things like this just because one wants to believe it.

“To the extent she can document her charges, that’s fine, that’s news. But I do think we ought to have the kind of skepticism that you expressed about some of the other allegations she’s made that she has not yet backed up,” he said.

Melvin came back to him again a few minutes later on the topic, and specifically Omarosa’s assertion that the President was insistent that Lara Trump make the offer.

“That is extremely plausible. That’s one where I think she did bring the receipts on that. Look, the strongest thing — the strongest thing that’s backing up her case and her credibility is the reaction of the White House,” he said. “I think she said to you, you know, ‘why are they so afraid of me? What is it that I have that they are so afraid of?’ The president could simply have dismissed this and gone on and run the free world. Instead, he’s obviously obsessed about this. And the more that he strikes back or makes these kinds of threats and lawsuits and tries to buy her silence, the more it does raise the question, you know, why is he so worried about what she has? What is on those tapes?”

“So even though I’m skeptical about it, the body language of the White House certainly seems to imply that there’s something that they are extremely worried about.”

Watch the clips above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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