MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: Obama Admin Looks Like They’re ‘Struggling to Run the Govt’

NBC’s chief White House correspondent thinks the Obama White House is really struggling to look like they are in control of the various situations that have unfolded over the last several months.

While discussing the unfolding border crisis with the Morning Joe panel on Wednesday, Todd was asked by Mike Barnicle whether the White House is so tired of dealing with the crises that they are, in effect, “just mailing it in” now.

Todd hesitated to describe it that way, explaining instead [emphasis ours]:

They’re not mailing it in, but what it appears is this is an administration where events are controlling them. I can’t remember the last time I feel like that they controlled a set of events, it feels like. And the answer’s the same — whether it was VA, whether it was the healthcare debacle, whether it was ISIS in Iraq — which is: “Boy, this all came up on us faster than expected. We had our eye on this. But, boy, we didn’t expect it to be this bad, or we didn’t expect it to be this quick, or we didn’t expect it to be this substantial. I think the past few months have painted a picture of an administration that looks like they’re struggling to run the government, that they’re struggling that they are going from crisis to crisis.

Watch below, via MSNBC:

[Image via MSNBC/screengrab]

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